About us.  "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle"  Father James Keller

Thomas Padikal, Ph.D.     MRI                      Michael Dennis, Ph.D.   CT                                Richard Freifelder, Ph.D.   PET
Roland Hennes, Surgeon                           Don Hill, Biomedical Engineer. Demos                 Ellen Sayers, Course Supervisor
Michael Blanck, National Marketing               Marie Forsell, Europe                                    Sam Abbassi, Eastern Region Manager

Continuing Education is not an option, it's essential to maintain your status, as well as accreditation and reimbursement. Exquisite education calls for exemplary faculty. The strength and mission of IMIT is rooted in its faculty - and their passion. Teaching is a passion shared by us all. For instance, the applications of medical imaging in oncology has been an area of deep clinical and professional interest for some. Treatment planning for example, requires exquisite image quality. A precise three dimensional architecture of the anatomy and the target is vital to treatment planning. The origins of IMIT is directly traceable to such demands in Oncology and Radiology - as early as 1979. To date we have taught over 6,500 MRI, CT and Nuclear Medicine Technologists, over 400 Radiologists and Cardiologists, and others. We are committed to creating a shift in medical imaging through extra-ordinary education. We make a difference in the lives and careers of health care workers and the patients they serve. The ultimate success of these courses is measured by the transformation of one worker at a time, and the impact each cause in patient care. If you are the kind of individual who can inspire students, ignite their passion and bring out the very best in them - including their dormant potentialities - then please contact us. Talk to us. We are looking for TOP NOTCH faculty. If on the other hand you are searching for QUALITY education, you've come to the right place.  At IMIT we're co-creating brilliance. We're passionate about education. Now it is your turn to make a commitment to quality education. 

"We love seeing you excel! We derive immense delight creating extra-ordinary, and transformative learning experiences at every event!"   IMIT Staff